The Klean Spot Cleaning Services has a high level of experience and expertise in the cleaning industry.  The Klean Spot has customized cleaning programs to meet the needs of our customers. There is no home too small or office space too large. We specialize in residential and commercial cleaning, and continually strive to enhance and provide quality services.  We are dedicated to serving our clients, providing customer service and our on-site and on-hands cleaning approach is second to none.

More About The Klean Spot

The Klean Spot’s Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services are customized to your facility and specific needs. Schedule an appointment today and one of our management personnel will visit with you and tour your facility to gather the information needed to develop a complete janitorial program for you.


A routine or standard house cleaning is a thorough list of cleaning services and starts up after the initial deep cleaning is done. We clean your home from top to bottom, including bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, main rooms. Spend your free time doing something other than cleaning your house!


Get a free quote today!  We are here to serve all of your commercial or residential cleaning needs. The Klean Spot is the leading residential and commercial cleaning service is Southwest Florida. Serving Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties. Request an online quote or call us not at 239.321.0698.



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